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Squid10: Stay Organized, Stay Creative, Stay Inspired

Squid10 in dark theme
Squid10 in dark theme

Unveiling Squid10: A Fresh Wave of Innovation in Note-Taking

We are thrilled to introduce Squid10, the latest and most advanced update to our beloved note-taking app! Packed with exciting features and improvements, Squid10 will redefine the way you organize, create, and engage with your notes. We've been testing these new features in beta and we're excited to make them available to everyone in our Squid10 Preview! Let's dive into the exciting updates that await you!

Better Note Organization with Folders

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to enhanced organization! Squid10 brings our #1 requested feature - improved note organization with nested folders. We understand the importance of keeping your notes neatly arranged, and with the introduction of folders, you now have a powerful way to structure your thoughts and ideas.

Dark Theme and Material 3 Design

We understand that personalization is key, which is why Squid10 introduces a dark theme option for users who prefer a sleek and easy-on-the-eyes interface. Additionally, our new design is inspired by Google Material 3, providing a modern and visually appealing experience that complements the functionality of Squid10.

Trash Management Made Easy

We've listened to your feedback and revamped the way you manage your unwanted notes. Folders and notes can now be moved to the Trash and, if needed, easily restored from there. This addition ensures that you have full control over your notes, even when cleaning up your digital space.

Sorting Options and List Views for Enhanced Navigation

Navigating through your notes is now more intuitive than ever. Squid10 introduces sorting options allowing you to arrange your notes and folders based on your preferences. We've also added a list view option to give you flexibility in how you view and interact with your content.

Want to give Squid10 a try?

The Squid10 Preview is available now via opt-in. Launch Squid, open the Notebook drawer, and look for "Try Squid10" at the bottom. Try it out and let us know what you think! At the time of this article, you may switch between Squid10 and Classic Squid as often as you'd like - but please provide us with feedback as Squid10 will eventually become the default interface and we want to make sure it has what you need!

Squid10 is not just an update, it's a leap forward

We've reimagined organization, added aesthetic options, and made significant improvements to the overall user experience. Download or update Squid now and immerse yourself in the next generation of digital note-taking. Embrace the future of productivity with Squid10!

Stay organized. Stay creative. Stay inspired. Squid10 is here to elevate your note-taking journey.

What's next?

With this initial release of Squid10 to everyone, we're just getting started. We're still working on updating the note editor to match the Squid10 design and incorporate your top feature requests. We also have plans to continue improving note organization and adding more ways to personalize Squid for you. As always, please continue to vote on ideas so we know what you need and can update you when we have new releases. We're super excited about this next chapter of Squid as we continue to refine and update Squid based on your feedback!

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