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Squid in the Classroom

Inspired by our experience as students and faculty

Google / G Suite for Education Support

  • Works with Google Drive and Google Classroom

  • Import PDF worksheets and assignments into Squid to write on, then export as PDF to turn in to Classroom

  • Managed bulk deployment

Optimized for Chromebooks and Android tablets

  • Designed for large screens from the start

  • Multi-mode support for pen, finger, mouse, and keyboard input

  • Cast-enabled for projecting slides and notes on the big screen

Schools no longer have to choose between Chromebooks or tablets — typing or handwriting. The latest generation of Chromebooks are capable of pen input and run Android apps. It’s like they were designed for Squid!

Next Generation Devices Bring the Best of Both Worlds

Education Bulk Pricing
Contact us for a quote or to set up a free trial
Education Use Cases
Education Use Cases
Want to see Squid in action?​  Check out our How-To videos!
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