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Squid 4.0.22 Unveils Right-to-Left Layout Support

We're thrilled to share that the latest update to Squid allows us to better support our global community. We have been hard at work to ensure that Squid caters to the diverse linguistic needs of our users. In Squid 4.0.22, we've introduced RTL layout support for Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian/Farsi. This means a more natural experience for users whose primary languages follow a right-to-left script.

Classic Squid and Squid10 Integration

Whether you're a loyal user of the Classic Squid or have embraced the newer Squid10, rest assured that RTL is supported*. This update ensures that everyone, regardless of their preferred Squid UI, can benefit from RTL.

Localization Matters

It is important to us that we are in tune with the diversity of our users' needs, so we've prioritized localization efforts. By focusing on specific languages, we're making sure that our RTL layout is not just a feature but an intentional addition for specific linguistic needs. RTL support is just one example of how we're actively working to enhance the user experience and cater to the unique requirements of our global audience.

We believe that a tool that transcends language barriers is the key to amazing workflows. Whether you're a brain surgery student, an aspiring author, or even someone signing a high-stakes document, Squid is designed to be the reliable companion that adapts to your needs.

*Note: RTL layout support does not include infinite page sizes at this time. This will be one of our focuses as we design the new note editor for Squid10.

Unlock the RTL Experience

Excited to explore the new RTL features in Squid? Update or install Squid to get the latest version!

As always, we value your feedback. We’d love for you to share your thoughts and suggestions on our community forum.

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