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Squid + Drive: Your Ultimate Note-Taking Companion

We are thrilled to bring you one of our top feature requests: Google Drive support in Squid! This significant update makes organizing your thoughts, ideas, and notes more convenient and safer than ever before!

Google Drive Integration: Seamless Cloud Backup for All

The integration of Google Drive as a cloud backup option for your notes has been a long time coming. We understand that the way you manage your notes is evolving, and cloud-based solutions have become increasingly essential. Our Dropbox and Box options were great, but we had thousands of votes to bring Google Drive and now it's here! With Google Drive, you can effortlessly store your notes, ensuring that they are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Tailored Solutions for Schools

With this update, Squid also offers tailored solutions for schools, making it easier for educators and students to leverage the power of digital note-taking. If your school or institution uses our Squid education licenses, you can now set up Google Drive for seamless backup and sharing! This ensures that educational institutions can easily manage and protect their notes, assignments, and educational resources in a secure and organized manner.

For educational users, Google Drive integration is exclusively available through the admin setup.

Incremental Backup: A Smarter Way to Secure Your Notes

We know how important it is to keep your notes secure and accessible, which is why Squid now offers incremental backup across all cloud providers (Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive). With incremental backup, your notes are updated and stored efficiently, reducing the risk of data loss, limiting necessary storage space, and making your note-taking experience even more reliable.

Is Squid + Drive the Note-Taking Game Changer You Need?

With Google Drive integration, tailored solutions for educational institutions, and incremental backup, we've designed this update with your needs in mind. We believe that this new version of Squid will redefine the way you take and manage digital notes, making your digital note-taking experience smoother, safer, and more versatile than ever before.

Download or update Squid now and safeguard your notes with Google Drive. Stay organized, stay creative, and stay inspired with Squid!

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