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Squid and Google for Education App Hub

Inspired by our experience as students and faculty

Squid is proud to be part of the Google for Education App Hub. The Google for Education App Hub showcases the best tools for teachers and students using Google Classroom and Chromebooks.

If you are interested in purchasing Squid for your school or setting up a free trial, please contact us with your request. Squid EDU licenses will be issued to you for easy provisioning from your Google Admin console. This will enable students to seamlessly access the Squid premium features with their Google EDU account.


If you have questions regarding Squid EDU licensing, please reach out to If you require technical support using Squid, please visit

Pricing & Payment Process
Our pricing is based on the number of users you would like to license. Pricing starts at $4 USD per user for the academic year and we offer volume discounts starting at 500+ users. Once a number of licenses is requested, we will provide a quote. When you are ready to purchase, you may provide us with a purchase order (if applicable) and we will send an invoice. Invoices can be paid via credit card, check, or EFT.


License Duration
A Squid EDU license is an annual license based on each school's academic year.


Renewal Process
We recommend renewing your license prior to its expiration date in order to avoid lapse in access to premium features. Renewals are performed directly with our Squid EDU team via email and will consist of a renewal quote, purchase order (if applicable), and invoice based on an updated number of users. Payment for renewals can be made via credit card, check, or EFT. As soon as payment is received, the new licenses will be issued for the new year.


Privacy and Compliance

  • Squid stores user data locally on the user’s device.

  • We do not not collect or share any user data.

  • Squid conforms to COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR requirements.

  • Squid user data can be exported in a portable format (visit for details).

  • For more details, see our privacy policy.

Education Licensing
Contact us for a quote or to set up a free trial
Education Use Cases
  • Use a tablet as a virtual whiteboard
    Use Presentation Mode to cast your note to a TV or projector. Write like you would on a whiteboard. When you are done, export your notes as a PDF and share them to your students through Google Drive, Google Classroom, via email, or using any app installed on your device that accepts PDFs.
  • Grade student papers
    Import student papers as PDFs in Squid. Write your annotations in whatever color you want. Use the highlighter to focus on particular sections. Import images of stars or badges. Export everything as a PDF and share with your student through Google Drive, Google Classroom, or via email.
  • Give a presentation with annotations
    Use the Import PDF premium feature to open your slides in Squid. Use Presentation Mode to cast your note to a TV or projector. Show your slides and write on them to highlight things or add to them. Some people even create only partially completed slides so they can fill them in during the presentation. At the end of the lecture, export your note to PDF and share it with your students through Google Drive, Google Classroom, via email, or using any app installed on your device that accepts PDFs.
  • Grade student presentations/work with a rubric
    Create your rubric as a PDF (e.g. how many points for content, voice inflection, not saying "um", "like", and "and yea"). Here is an example that you are free to use. Import the PDF into Squid, one per student. As the student gives their presentation or as you review their work, fill in the rubric and make notes. Export the page as a PDF and send it to your student as feedback through Google Drive, Google Classroom, or email.
  • General note-taking
    Use Squid to make notes throughout the day with lesson plan ideas, reminders, and grading marks to record later. Take notes during meetings. File them in notebooks so they are always with you and easy to find.
  • Plan for the big event
    Help students know what to expect at a special event or field trip. Draw a map to help students picture where they will be and what they will see. Show them where they will walk or stand.
  • Take notes during class
    Replace paper and pen with Squid. Take notes on anything from lectures to labs and project-based learning. Draw graphs and write equations. Use different colors to emphasize different aspects of the work. Export your notes as a PDF and share them with fellow team members or classmates who were absent.
  • Do math or science homework
    Change the page settings to use graph paper which is great for doing your math or science homework. Export your homework as a PDF and turn it in through Google Classroom, Google Drive, or email. Don't worry about remembering to turn in your homework the next day. You can turn it in as soon as you are done.
  • Trace a picture
    Add an image to a page in Squid. Draw on top of the image, leaving at least one edge of the image uncovered by pen strokes. Use the selection tool to select just the image underneath by tapping on the uncovered edge. Delete the selected image to see your trace. Use undo/redo to compare your trace with the original image.
  • Complete a worksheet
    Open a math, science, or other worksheet with the Import PDF premium feature. Answer all the problems, then export the worksheet as a PDF and turn it in through Google Classroom, Google Drive, or email.
  • Write a story
    Write a story with Squid. Whether you are writing about an event, a place in social studies, or what you did last weekend, use Squid to insert pictures, maps, shapes and text to augment your handwritten story. Annotate with labels or interesting facts. Tell your story using Presentation Mode, or export as a PDF and submit it through Google Classroom, Google Drive, or email.
  • Practice handwriting
    Maybe this is obvious. Change the page settings in Squid to wide or narrow ruled pages. Practice writing in cursive or block letters. Pinch to zoom in if you need the lines a little bigger when students are just starting out.
  • Review your notes for a test
    View-only mode allows you to review your notes before a test without worrying about accidental changes.
  • Compare similar sizes/angles of math shapes
    Have each student draw a shape (e.g. triangle) on blank paper, or open a PDF with shapes on it in Squid. Use a ruler to measure the lengths of the sides, and a protractor to measure the angles. Write these down. Zoom in or out and measure again. Are the different size shapes similar? What is the ratio of side lengths? Can you predict the length of a side based on this ratio?
  • Create an art project
    Draw a picture in Squid on a blank page. Vary the thickness and color of the pen to make your own amazing creations. If you need a little more room, Squid allows infinite size pages.
  • Make a "thank you" gift"
    Sign a “thank you” for someone who helped the class. Take a picture of the event. Import the picture in a Squid note. Have everyone sign the page on or around the picture. Export the page as a PDF and send it to the person as a thank you.
Education Use Cases
Want to see Squid in action?​  Check out our How-To videos!
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